Letter From Tom Hatcher


I am writing to you today because we need your help with our upcoming charity event. I initiated the Tom Hatcher Charity Golf Tournament to benefit Alzheimer's of Tennessee and the Boys and Girls Club of Blount County. In our fifth year we were able to raise thirty thousand dollars for each organization and another five thousand dollars to various local charitable events. 

I would like to tell you why I'm willing to work so hard to raise the funds for both of these great organizations. My father battled Alzheimer's for more than five years before passing away on August 28, 2014. The stress that the disease imposed on all of my family was tremendous. It motivated me to take on these projects to help educate other people in Tennessee on how to be better prepared to handle the same type of situation that my family went through.

I don't think there is anyone who would say they don't want to help kids. My son grew up attending the Boys and Girls Club here in Blount County. I know by doing so that it was a great influence in helping to make him the better person he is today.

If you are willing to help sponsor this worthy event, please contact me at 865-388-5202 or by email at tomhatchercharitygolf@gmail.com. Upon your notification, we can send a brochure to be completed (if necessary), along with your invoice. Again, I thank you for any support you are able to give.



Tom Hatcher